30 NOVEMBER 2011

Loris Gréaud, The Geppetto Pavilion is on view at the 54th Venice international art exhibition from June 4th to November 27th 2011 at the Arsenale


Between the undersigned:

1° – Mr Loris Cédric Jean-Claude Gréaud, artist, residing in Eaubonne (95600) 23, rue de Verdun.
Born on 7 February 1979 in Eaubonne (95600).

Represented by                                            , duly authorised.

2° –                           , experimenter, residing at                                .
Born on .
Areed as follows.


The declarations made and the commitments subscribed to by a Party under the terms of the Contract will always be indicated as coming directly from this Party, even if they come from its representative.


In the Contract, the following words starting with a capital letter have the following meaning:
- Agreement: designates the Availability Agreement, subject hereto.
- Artist: designates Mr Loris Gréaud, designated above.
- Availability: designates the Artist putting the Belly of the Sperm Whale at the Experimenter's disposal during the duration of the Experiment.
- Belly of the Sperm Whale: designates the central part of the Installation, 3.50m long, 2.20m wide and 1.80m high, sound proofed, at constant temperature and light during the Experiment, including an independent vivarium representing the life space of a grasshopper.
- Bienniale: designates the 54th International Art Exhibition
taking place in Venice (Italy), from the 4 June to the 27 November 2011.
- Contract: designates the present contract containing the Agreement between the Parties.
- Duration of the Experiment: designates the duration of the Experiment, being twenty four (24) consecutive hours, starting the at at, unless in the event of a Warning or decision made by the Organisation.
- Equipment: designates the equipment of the Belly of the Sperm Whale consisting in bedding, a WC, two food warmers, two extinguishers, two emergency kits, a panic button which is worked by an emergency handle that can be set off by the Experimenter to warn the Security Guard, a walkie-talkie.
- Experiment: designates the Experimenter's stay in the Belly of the Sperm Whale, designed by the Artist, during the Duration of the Experiment.
- Experimenter: designated to be   , as mentioned above.
- Installation: designates the sculpture named "The Gepetto Pavillion", designed by the Artist, realised by the GREAUDSTUDIO, produced by the Pace  Gallery, installed at the Campo de l’Arsenal (Venice, Italy) during the Bienniale, representing a sperm whale, of a total weight of 300kg, 16m in length, 3m in width and a maximum 2m high, made out of resin, glass fibre, acrylic varnish, gel coat top, steel coat, aluminium, melamine, betonflex, an 18 point LED system, classified MO (anti-fire), surrounded by a closed fence 2m high, situated 5 m from the sculpture, under video-surveillance, lit at night by  4 X 1,500 watts.
- Organisation: designates the Bienniale of Venice, responsible for organising the Bienniale.
- Party: designates the Artist or the Experimenter.
- Parties: designates the Artist and the Experimenter together.
- Security Guard: designates any person chosen by the organisation and under the responsibility of the latter, equipped with a walkie-talkie allowing him to communicate with the Experimenter, in charge (i) of monitoring the Installation and (ii) the Experimenter coming out of the Belly of the Sperm Whale (x) at the end of the twenty four (24) hours or (y) after the Alarm has been sounded or (z) following a decision made by the Organisation.
- Warning:  designates the procedure by which, for any reason whatsoever, the Experimenter alerts the Security guard during the Experiment.
- Work of Art: designates the Installation and the Experiment accumulatively.


3.1. The Organisation has been and is in charge of organising the Bienniale.  As such, it asked the Artist, who accepted, to design a work of art to be displayed during the Bienniale.

3.2. The Artist suggested to the Organisation, which accepted, to present the Work of Art during the Bienniale.

3.3. The Experimenter, without having been approached by the Artist or the Organisation or any other person in any way, applied to participate in the Experiment by himself.

In this respect, the Experimenter recognises that affixing a copy of the standard contract of Availability on the perimeter fence of the Sculpture did not represent a appeal by the Artist or the Organisation or any other person leading him to apply to participate in the Experiment, insofar as, his own boss, he carried out research and took the necessary steps, not revealed by the aforementioned standard contract, to apply to participate in Experiment.

3.4. The aim of the Agreement is to determine the Availability terms in the context of the Experiment.
The present statement is an integral part of the Contract.


4.1. Subject of the Agreement
Hereto, the Artist puts the Belly of the Sperm Whale at the Experimenter's disposal during the Experiment, accepted by the latter.

4.2. Agreement terms
The Availability is agreed upon and accepted with no lease or compensation of any kind.

Pursuant to the Experiment and the use or exploitation of its pursuits in any form, the Experimenter will not be eligible to any pay or compensation of any kind, accepted by the latter.

4.3. Prohibition
The Belly of the Sperm Whale includes Equipment and is equipped with fifteen  (15) litres of mineral water and (5) portions of 750 grams of protein in powder form  (casein/isolate),  calcium caseinate (76.50%),  whey protein (15%), wheat and soya maltodextrin.

The Experimenter will only be able to wear his clothes not including shoes and if needs be a pair of glasses and/or a hearing aid.  He abstains from carrying any object of any kind and notably, without the following list being exhaustive, shoes, spare clothes, book(s), notebook(s), sheet(s) of paper, a mobile phone, a camera or video camera, an appliance of any kind broadcasting music or images, medication.  In this respect, the Experimenter accepts the Security Guard doing a search before the art is made available to check that the Experimenter has respected this undertaking.

4.4. Warning – Decision made by the Organisation
In case of a warning, the Experiment will end as soon as the Experimenter leaves the Belly of the Sperm Whale and the said exit is permanent.
The Organisation can end the Experiment at any moment, without having to give reasons for its decision to the Experimenter, accepted by the latter.  It will also be the case if the Experimenter does not respond by walkie-talkie to a call by the Security Guard by walkie-talkie or if he shows, during his response, the slightest apprehension or reticence in continuing the Experiment.

4.5. Declarations by the Experimenter
The Experimenter recognises having been informed by the Artist of the physiological and/or psychological consequences that may ensue from participation in  the Experiment both during as well as afterwards.

The Experimenter declares:
- That he speaks, reads and perfectly understands French [English] [Italian];
- That he is over 18, justified to the Artist by producing proof of identity;
- That he is not and has never been (i) subject to claustrophobia or a fear or a neurosis of any kind linked to isolation or confinement, (ii) suffering from a mental illness of any kind, (iii) suffering from an illness requiring medication of any kind or regular medical or psychological supervision;
- That he has not undergone medical treatment, accompanied by taking medication or not, for at least a month before today;
- That he has never attempted suicide or attempted to cause himself physical injury.

The declarations that precede are not limited in nature and are recognised and accepted by the Experimenter.

4.6. Lack of responsibility by the Artist, the Organisation and any other person
The Experimenter undertakes to make any consequences that may result from the Experiment, notably physiological and/or psychological consequences that may ensue during the Experiment and/or afterwards his own business, with no recourse of any kind on this subject against the Artist and/or the Organisation and/or any other natural person or legal entity directly or indirectly associated with the design and/or making and/or producing and/or installing the Sculpture.

The Experimenter assumes full responsibility for any consequences; physiological, psychological or any other, arising during the Experiment and/or afterwards.  No recourse of any kind on this subject will be offered or entertained by the Artist and/or the Organisation and/or any other natural person or legal entity directly or indirectly associated with the design and/or making and/or producing and/or installing the Sculpture.


5.1. Choice of domicile
The Parties choose their domicile in their respective residences indicated above.

5.2. Applicable law
The Contract is governed by French law.

5.3. Devolution of powers
The devolution of powers is made to the courts of the jurisdiction of the Pontoise Court of Appeal (France).

Drawn up in Venice (Italy), on                          2011.

In two originals, one for each Party.